Can you tell me more about the crew member lost overboard?

Was he a DJ? what was his name and was that his real name?

Mike P

Hi ...

And first of all, happy new year 2007 from France :-)

Can anyone help me finding information about The Police and their venue in New Zealand, especially in Auckland, Logan Campbell Centre on the 13 of February, 1981 (this show was broadcasted on by Radio Hauraki) ? Pictures, newspapers, audio recordings, ... ? Thanks a lot in advance ... Talk to you soon here : ... Take care ...


Are you able to list ALL the radio announcers during the pirate days?
Hi I live in the Manawatu, Shannon and I just wanted to know if you broadcast to that area?

Does anybody know what happened to the original Radio Hauraki Transmitter, was it dismantled or is it in a museum somewhere ???


Hey does anyone know if David Gapes went to Wellington Boys High around about 1953-55? I have a friend who knows a David Gapes but not sure if they're the same person?
Does anyone remember Graham Mitcham (Mitch )?
Where is Ross Goodwin now?

Whatever happened to Paul Lineham. Remember him at Gore High 1960?


 Anyone have any Hauraki jingles/etc from POST-Tiri days - ie early 70's

What ever happened to Keith Ashton and the car (rental) he "borrowed" when he left 4XO (RadioOtago) in '71 or was it '73?

and one more thing... someone borrowed my double LP of the Hauraki story some years ago.

If you're reading this, I still live at the same address in Glenalmond Crescent in Invercargill.

Chris Diack

Does anyone know where Terry Brown is or how he can be contacted these days please?
Can you get a copy of the last programme that was played on the Tiri II (the story of Radio Hauraki)?
I would like to know about Lloyd Griffiths, Bill Gibbs and Ivan Guard and if they are still around?